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Fitness Tips

  • 3 Things Every Pilates Newbie Should Know

    Pilates is a fantastic workout, one that you can do anytime and anywhere. This killer workout – no equipment needed – just requires a mat and, of course, the right selection of activewear and sportswear. If you are looking for an effective workout to lose weight and tone muscles, Pilates is perfect for you. And it's also pretty fun!
  • How to Choose the Right Workout Clothing

    When it comes to your workout, what you wear matters. If you have ever experienced one of those workouts where you can’t remember accomplishing much except for pulling your pants up the whole time, then you know what we mean....
  • Making the Most of Your Morning: 5 Morning Habits for Weight Loss

    You wake up, hit snooze on your alarm, make a snarky remark to your fiancé because you are feeling grumpy, then go back to sleep. By the second time you wake, you have managed to miss your breakfast and morning workout window, and on top of that, you feel guilty for it all, wishing you had started your day off on the right foot...